AIA San Francisco, CA
Aug 23 — Oct 12, 2018


Curators Alex Nichols and Mushi Wooseong James

What are the questions we are not asking about the future? 

Social change must begin from the place of observation. There are daunting civic, environmental, and political challenges in front of us. The goal of this exhibition is to analyze the status quo, drawing attention to the invisible. Examining the current urban fabric of San Francisco and reflecting allows us to forge ahead with new ways of thinking. Featuring the work of urban planners, architects, designers, poets and artists. The result is a poetic embodiment of multiple truths, perspectives, and realities of how we can think toward the future. As curators, Alex Nichols and Mushi Wooseong James, selected artists from all disciplines whose work explores questions that are not always asked.

Curators: Alex Nichols and Mushi Wooseong James.

Featured artists: Suzan Borazjani, Kevin Corcoran, Eilish Cullen, Courtney Ferris, Uri Han, Cynthia Hua, David Irwin, Michael Mersereau, Denise Newman, Yuri Pop, Merav Tzur, Andy Vogt.

Denise Newman, The City Is an Organism, 2018, Charcoal

A more whole vision for the future

As curators, we, Alex Nichols and Mushi Wooseong James, discussed the concept of Future City with a clear decision that this exhibit around future cities needed to be focused on a new plain of thinking that was not bound by the current projections of the future.

Our current state of affairs, politically, technologically, and environmentally are crucial elements to consider and are being considered and charted by many but what is not being charted? How could we approach the future from a new frame? What seeds, observations, ways of thinking if exposed to the light would initiate change? This exhibit asks us not to anticipate where we are going but how. How will we approach thinking about the future?

An artist spends their lives observing. That observation is not bound by any specific outcome dictated by society or culture, and because of this it’s allowed to wander into places that are forgotten and uncharted.

As curators, we sought a diverse group of people who we believed exposed new ways of seeing and being through their process of work and method of observation. Here we believe that, as Michael Mersereau proposed in his work, a new language and symbolic structure can be found that will open a visual plain of a more whole vision for the future.


Cynthia X. Hua, A World We Made Up, 2018, Fabric

Denise Newman, The City Is an Organism, 2018, Charcoal
Kevin Corcoran, Noise / Pollution 2015-2018, Sound, Found Objects

Andy Vogt, Non Obj Box, 2016, Salvaged Wood
yuri pop, The Beauty in the Bubble, 2012, Interactive Installation with 2 Channel Video Projection

Eilish Cullen + Suzan Borazjani, From the Space of the Sea, 2018, Installation / Sound Composed in Collaboration with Jorge Bachmann

Courtney Ferris, Make It Our Own: San Francisco Builds the City It Wants & Deserves, 2018, Participatory Drawing

Opening Night