Proceso Abierto Residency

Oaxaca, Mexico
February 11 - March 11, 2019

ALEXANDMUSHI, Proceso Abierto Residency, 2019.

We arrive in Oaxaca from Mexico City on a small plane—discovering that our location is a pin drop, Mushi turns green. The next morning we wake next to a fallow field and a dirt road, a horse and cart passing by and a car with a megaphone advertising tortilla’s echoing. Luvier, the other artist-in-residence is downstairs blending carrots and oranges from the fruit stand. We are in Lachigolo and Manuel runs the fruit stand with papayas, mangoes, and mamey. At the crossing, La Crusero, we hail collective taxis from the road into town, five and six people crushed inside watching the rolling mountains and agave fields. Mezcal is the drink in Oaxaca. The smell of it slips out of dark small rooms like something slightly damp and cool and fermented. We can’t help but watch the goats in the field everyday as they eat. Sometimes we want to stay by the field all day but there is work to be made, so we drag our chairs out into the heat.

At night we build fires in a small pit we constructed of rocks, burning whatever wood we can find, the sky is such an intense blue—with Luvier, Gary, Joma and Guadalupe, “fuego fuego fuego”—throwing onions and potatoes into the fire to bake. Oaxaca time is flexible, people show up and the night moves from bar to salsa to Casa de Mezcal and we put coins into the rocket (juke box). Deconstructing our practice in a churchyard midday, just to put it back together at night against a stone wall as we practice our Chair Conversations.

As Luvier said when we first arrived in a place we didn’t anticipate, “You are going to love this place!!!” and we did. — special thanks to MACO, Modernism Gallery, Zonamaco, Cordoba Lab + Proceso Abierto and all the friends we met. —ALEXANDMUSHI