The Dictionary

“It is not a question of knowledge… but of alertness. A fastidious transcription of what could be thought about something, once it swam into the stream of attention.” — Susan Sontag

ALEXANDMUSHI, The Dictionary project language sample: IDENTITY.

What is The Dictionary project?

When we speak the same language there is an assumption of what each word means. What is examined in ‘The Dictionary’ is how each person’s history impacts a word’s meaning. There is an erroneous premise that we see words similarly and this is often where miscommunication begins.

As Alex and Mushi collaborate over time, it is clear that defining words is critical to building ideas together.

ALEXANDMUSHI, The Dictionary project language sample: ILLUSION.


Person 1 designates a word.

Person 1 & 2 define the word individually by writing:

Part 1 - An objective definition of the word.
Part 2 - A story around this word.

Once finished, the writing is shared and Person 2 then designates a new word.