Two Chairs

“Play frees us from moral conventions but makes them still present, so we are aware of their weight, presence and importance.” – Miguel Sicart

What is Two Chairs?

Two Chairs is a non verbal and durational performance (20-40 minutes).

Alex and Mushi each have a chair and attempt to play together. What is discovered is something similar to when people are talking at the same time. Talking is often a battle to be heard, sometimes chaotic and sometimes playful.

Two chairs are silently pulled over hills and through fields of mist. Mushi grabs Alex’s chair, Alex pulls the chair back. In the absurdity of these actions each artist learns their own boundaries and each others’.

What happens when two people are talking at the same time?
What happens when both individuals have an idea they want to express?


Two Chairs are placed in an environment.

Person 1 and Person 2 take a chair.
Each person attempts to interact with the other person via their chair.

ALEXANDMUSHI, Two Chairs: Muir Beach, 2019.